Harnessing Solar energy

The world needs to wake up soon, and take the Sun that shines on us everyday more seriously. If we could develop the right technology, we could obtain all our energy needs from the Sun and slowly deviate from our dependence on fossil fuels which is damaging our environment and is detrimental to our wellbeing too.

Solar energy from the Sun is available at no cost and could provide us clean and renewable energy till the Earth lasts, but we have been digging the ground looking for coal and oil spending colossus amounts of money and in the process bringing anxiety on ourselves.

We need to use all the modern technology we have, supporting it with modern digital marketing strategies to educate the people of the world on why we should turn quickly to the Sun for all our energy needs.

The world powers have not done enough to propagate this very important idea, but have been shouting their throats hoarse on the adverse effects of using nuclear energy for our needs, which has only been a waste of time and money.